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Learning Artifact Ank Cross

How to show your learning experiences better with artifacts

Nobody can properly appreciate your life experiences based solely on the title of your diploma. Some other traditional measurements of achievement might include the name of your college, and the number on your GPA. These can demonstrate academic accomplishment, but they don’t reveal much else about you. I won’t discount the value of a good GPA. Good […]

How to jazz up your summer with gamification

To this day, I maintain games are the highest form of culture. They are hugely misrepresented, and have this association with greasy 30 year-old wizards living in their parents’ basement. Mountain Dew and Doritos barely sustain their life. I may have exaggerated a little. My point stands. Organisations – especially educational institutions – should strongly consider gamifying their functions. […]

Jon Snow didn’t fit the MBTI Personality Test. Why would you?

** Prior knowledge of Game of Thrones not needed. This article has NO SPOILERS. ** On Game of Thrones, Jon Snow is known as a leader, master fighter, and alleged illegitimate child of a royal family. According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Jon Snow is an “ISFP”. Introversion, Sensing, Feeling and Perception. Therefore, Jon […]

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