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How to jazz up your summer with gamification

To this day, I maintain games are the highest form of culture. They are hugely misrepresented, and have this association with greasy 30 year-old wizards living in their parents’ basement. Mountain Dew and Doritos barely sustain their life. I may have exaggerated a little. My point stands. Organisations – especially educational institutions – should strongly consider gamifying their functions. […]

Jon Snow didn’t fit the MBTI Personality Test. Why would you?

** Prior knowledge of Game of Thrones not needed. This article has NO SPOILERS. ** On Game of Thrones, Jon Snow is known as a leader, master fighter, and alleged illegitimate child of a royal family. According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Jon Snow is an “ISFP”. Introversion, Sensing, Feeling and Perception. Therefore, Jon […]

How to master Facebook instead of Facebook mastering you

When I wrote this article, I’m guessing 99% of you people reading this came from Facebook. You read the attractive title, and decided that this was worth your time. The average 14-year-old reads 250 words a minute. This article is 1000 words. It should take you 4 minutes to read it. The title was kind of […]

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