The future of work is here, but the way we learn struggles to catch up

1. Skills are becoming outdated at a quicker pace as automation eats away at increasingly higher-order technical tasks

2. Stable jobs and clear career progression climbing up The Corporate Ladder has been replaced by a job-hopping-every-2-years culture

3. Besides job-hopping, the "gig economy" of working several jobs simultaneously is now a very viable and increasingly necessary lifestyle

For many people, these changes are bringing huge discomfort.

So before I continue, I want to show my undying love and support for you through this image 😉

This raises an important question for young professionals, graduating students, and the generation immediately below them: how do we "future-proof" ourselves without relying on our education institutions that struggle to keep up?

Many credible resources already exist to answer that question.

I do not claim to be an authority on learning. I'm not a straight A student, nor a productivity machine. On every post, I carefully curate resources, and link the ones I think you'll find useful. They will give you far more qualified advice on learning and preparing for the future of work.

On Experimenzo, what I do differently is that I personally experiment with these latest concepts in learning, and share my findings in a concise and immediately actionable way for you and the people you care about.

For quite a while now, I've had huge interest to develop a career in EdTech (Educational Technology). To get there, I'm building knowledge about learning from both a pedagogical (Ed) and technological (Tech) perspective.

On a personal level, I love getting people excited and informed. Entertained and educated. Therefore, I want to create "edutainment", and do it in a more public space outside the classroom.

Combining my passion for EdTech and edutainment, I built this website with three goals in mind:

1. Consciously grow myself by proactively experimenting with concepts about the future of learning

2. Share my findings as "learning artifacts" to spread my undying love for all things learning

3. Have creative fun while developing my writing prose, gaining self-discipline, and developing a strong knowledge base of learning-related concepts

If I were an animal, I would be an Alpha Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are passive. Other people would experiment on them, then make conclusions about them.

Alpha Guinea Pigs take charge of their destiny, experiment with their capabilities themselves, and try to live by this legendary quote

"A man must constantly exceed his level"
- Bruce Lee

That animal doesn't quite exist, but the analogy remains accurate and relevant.

Today, skills are becoming obsolete faster. The "half-life" of useful knowledge is decaying quicker as technology keeps advancing. "Side hustles" are becoming more sophisticated. Working remotely is an emerging trend that makes the applicant pool for any job not requiring physical presence far more competitive.

Being a "lifelong learner" is no longer an option. It should be one of your primary attributes.

Even if your background is in STEM, Medicine, or Law, most employers observe a skill gap between what they need, and what is learnt in a traditional education institution. The gap could be in technical skills, but more frequently it has something to do with social skills or higher cognitive skills, or what most people refer to as "soft skills".

By being an Alpha Guinea Pig, you are making a conscious choice to improve yourself. You are experimenting with things as often as possible, learning from your mistakes quickly, then adapting yourself to any future environment.

At your next interview, if for some reason you are asked, “if you were an animal, what animal would you be?”, grab their attention with what you've read above 😉

Consider being an Alpha Guinea Pig, too

We’re in this together, and by "we", that includes me.

To that end, I made it super easy to chat with me, and everyone else on this site. If an article finds you well or you have a thought to express, I invite you to comment. I reply to everyone, whether they're a close friend, acquaintance, or internet stranger.

If an article reminds you of someone you know, I encourage you to share it with them. You'll be helpful, and they'll be grateful.

...And finally,

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I'm Lorenzo Fong Ponce

Lorenzo juggling
Image by Alice Philipp Photography at https://www.facebook.com/alicejphoto/

I'm a Filipino-Malaysian born and raised in Hong Kong. I took exchange semesters in Seattle and Beijing, and I'm currently based in Madrid for the last semester of my Bachelor's.

I've had at least one ongoing extra-educational project or position since 2009. On Experimenzo, I personally experiment with the latest concepts in learning, and share my findings in a concise and immediately actionable way for you and the people you care about.

When I'm not working on Experimenzo, or juggling life's responsibilities, I also juggle physically. I currently can juggle four balls, and have taught over 50 people the basics in less than an hour. I like jamming on the bass, guitar, ukulele and Real Drum app. I can come with a pickup line for any name within 5 minutes (including non-Western names). On sleepless nights, this subreddit and the hobby behind it holds a special nerdy place in my heart.

For queries (or to learn to juggle in under an hour), I am readily contactable on my LinkedIn and [email protected] 🙂

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