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We are in a digital age of endless possibilities

And with it comes a key challenge for high schoolers, college students, and young professionals alike: we are almost illegally overwhelmed.

  • You or the people around you have demanding academic expectations, or you feel pressured to at least pass

  • You started an exercise / diet plan, enthusiastic for a healthier lifestyle. This enthusiasm lasted around a week

  • You get endless buzz about joining 4 NGOs and 7 societies to make up for your lack of job experience

  • LinkedIn, CV, LinkedIn, internships, LinkedIn, “personal branding”, LinkedIn… did I mention LinkedIn?

  • You “totally gotta catch up” with at least 5 people. These plans never materialised

If at least one of these points echo with you, I might be able to give you some support, and show you some love.

Being overwhelmed has downward spiral consequences


Welcome to Procrasti-Nation. We bring denial, guilt, and false justification straight to your doorstep. My name is Enzo-cerca-2015. I’ll be your guide... eventually 🙂

There are Time Debts and Time Assets. Time Debts are commitments you've made. Time Assets create more time for you. In Procrasti-Nation, people have many Time Debts and few Time Assets. Their Time Debts are either unnecessary or irrelevant, and their Time Assets are unsustainable or an excuse for being less disciplined.

My main aim for people visiting this website is for them to create more time to try cool things. This means decreasing your Time Debt-to-Asset ratio, crafting better quality Time Debts worthy of your time, and feeding yourself with long-term, low-depreciation Time Assets that build character.


If I were an animal, I would be an Alpha Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are passive, are afraid to be experimented on, and let others make conclusions on them. Alpha Guinea Pigs take charge of their destiny, experiment with their capabilities, and follow Bruce Lee's legendary saying, "a man must constantly exceed his level".

I completely made that animal up. The analogy remains accurate, and is a shout out to Carol Dweck's excellent work on Fixed vs Growth Mindsets.

I love getting people informed and excited. Educated and entertained. Therefore, edutainment. I naturally found my passion in the Education industry, and set up this website to accomplish three personal goals:

  • To do more edutainment with an online platform
  • To actually experiment and share findings on things I find important
  • To learn more stuff for my eventual startup idea of a “community achievement app”

Consider being an Alpha Guinea Pig, too

Imagine a recruiter asking you “If you were an animal, what animal would you be?” Grab their attention with this answer 😉

Besides that, I hope I’ve convinced you about the benefits of being an fearless lifelong learner.

I do not claim to be an authority / “influencer”. I'm halfway through university for crying out loud. We’re in this together, and I’m not excluded. In 2015, I'd have run for Mayor of Procrasti-Nation and probably win. Experimenzo may have my name, but knowledge sharing is the game.

To that end, I made it super easy to chat with me, and everyone else on this site. If an article finds you well or you have a thought to express, I highly encourage you to comment. I'll most likely reply. If an article reminds you of someone you know, share and tag them in it. You'll be helpful, and they'll be grateful.

...And finally,

If you think Lorenzo renzonates™ with you, I've put a neat signup form right here. Get nutritious nuggets of knowledge every sometimes, delivered straight to your email.

My name is Lorenzo Fong Ponce

Lorenzo juggling
Image by Alice Philipp Photography at https://www.facebook.com/alicejphoto/

I'm a Chinese-Filipino from Hong Kong, currently studying Economics at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain. What a mouthful.

I've had at least one ongoing extra-educational project or position since 2009. I take all the latest best practices in Education, and combine it with my Economics background to create content in a highly learnable and easily actionable way for you and the people around you.

On the rare occasion I'm not being a nerd, I'm an active host and traveler on CouchSurfing. I juggle four balls, and I can teach absolute beginners the basics in less than an hour. I like jamming on the bass, guitar, ukulele and Real Drum app. People tell me my reggaeton and bachata game (Latino dancing) is pretty on point.

Hit me up on Facebook or Instagram for chilling. Contact me on my LinkedIn or [email protected] for other queries.

Customer Excerpts (from CouchSurfing hahahaha)

“Wow. When person travel get to meet new people. Some of them are okay, some of them are nice and some of them will stay in your mind forever, because they are somehow extraordinary. This is the case of Lorenzo.”

Tomáš – serial hitchhiker Poprad, Slovakia

“Lorenzo is the guy that knows everyone. He was introducing me to people to help me get to know not just the city but the people… you could tell that he knew what it was like to be alone in a new city… I’d definitely stay with him again and hope to make people feel as welcome when I start to host someday.”

Ian – one of the biggest reasons I exchange at uDub Seattle, USA

“When I met Lorenzo in Spain, we clicked instantly! Simply because he’s so welcoming, cheerful and full of stories to share! There’s never an awkward moment with this guy and he’s extremely inclusive!”

Sunaina – HKUST “GBus” Hong Kong, Hong Kong

“Tremendo pirata” (Tremendous pirate)

Borja – crazy boat captain San Sebastian, Spain

“He is amazing and a really organized (and punctual) guy who knew already what to do around the city while I was working and flexible with my times. We spent two super nights together with other friends of mine and other couchsurfers. Tapas and Tortillas!”

Davide – DJ / graphic designer Venice, Italy

“He is such a sweet person that is willing to help you with any problem you encountered. It must be fun to have him host you or host him! He can definitely cheer you up n bring you some positive vibes.”

Venus – marketer from 9-5, singer 24/7 Hong Kong, Hong Kong

“We’ve shared a lot of opinions and I’m glad I’ve met somebody close to my age who really knows what he wants to do and has this kind of knowledge about the politics of Asia.”

Honza – Jelen banjo player (check him out) Prague, Czech Republic

“He’s is very open-minded, funny and outgoing. I would definitly recommend hosting/meeting with him. Do not however challenge him in a dance battle, he’s a crazy dancer !”

Sarah – law NGO Brussels, Belgium

“He was so friendly and present me his roomies who are very gentle. It was my first expirience in couchsurfing so I was a little nervous, but this stay give my confidence to keep doing.”

Daniel – refugee documentary director Guadalajara, Mexico

“His welcome was very warmful and he helped me for a lot of things because Pamplona (and even Spain) was totally new and unknown for me. It was my first couchsurfing and was such a great experience!”

Aurore – potential sports startup founder? France

“He is a perfect couch surfer: smart, witty and delightfully ironic while having a conversation, yet totally independent while sightseeing.”

Michael – Alhambra guide Granada, Spain
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